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The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in International Business is a program designed for the globally-minded student interested in practicing business cross-culturally. A degree in international business prepares students for careers with companies and organizations that operate within a global context. Jobs are available around the world — either with companies based in the U.S. that have international operations or with foreign companies.

Olivet offers a wide spectrum of in-class education and experience outside the classroom — from opportunities to study abroad in Europe, Asia, and more, to taking on a minor in a foreign language.

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Quality Assurance

The Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), a higher education association of more than 180 Christian institutions around the world, pre-certifies a select group of study abroad programs based on academic standards, safety, security, and proven track record of quality experience.



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Considering International Business?

International Business is ideal for those who possess the following characteristics and skills:

  • Natural Interest in Different Cultures
  • Efficient Communicator and Listener
  • Open to Studying Abroad
  • Professional Demeanor
  • Well Rounded View of Business
Study Abroad Programs

Students can choose from these pre-approved programs:

  • B-Global Studies Program
  • Latin America Studies Program
  • International Business Institute (IBI)
  • American Studies Program (ASP)
  • Lithuania Studies Program (LCC)
  • New York City Advanced Business Program (NYCS)
  • Australia Studies Centre (ASC)
  • Northern Ireland Semester (NIS)
  • Korean Nazarene University Program
International Business Careers
  • International banking
  • International e-commerce
  • International real estate
  • International sales
  • International shipping
  • International trader
  • Interpretation & translation services
International Business Program Overview

Professional Certifications

Students have many opportunities to earn the professional certifications that set them apart from other college graduates. With these certifications, they will find many career doors open to them.

Complete List of Professional Certifications

Degree Requirements

Learn from expert faculty who also serve as leading professionals in the field of International Business. Olivet's very own, Dr. Paul Koch, has taught Comparative Economics with the International Business Institute for nearly 25 years and is highly respected for his knowledge and experience. 

Course Requirements

Making International Connections

Professional Activities

International Business students have a wide variety of opportunities on campus to be involved in the Universities International Community, such as:

  • MERC - Multi-Ethnic Relations Club 
  • MU KAPPA - geared toward missionary and military abroad kids

Career Management to Internships

At Olivet's McGraw School of Business, freshman and sophomore students attend specially designed seminars to advance their careers through resume writing, developing interviewing skills, networking and managing their online presence.

All the Career Management activities are designed for students to discover their strengths to help them obtain an internship their junior or senior year. A full-time Internship Coordinator works with students to help find an internship in their specific field to help in building a resume for their future career. International Business students have the option to count their study abroad program in place of the internship experience.


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International Faith at Work

"A Head for Business, A Heart for God, and Hands for Humanity"

The motto for Olivet McGraw School of Business is more than a byline for faculty and students. The culture and atmosphere are alive and excited with learning cutting edge knowledge, with a perspective of God's grace and presence as we seek to help individuals and business organizations to prosper and bring glory to the name of Christ.

Koch_Paul 2019.jpg "We are granted the gift of interpreting the economic signs of the times from the standpoint of the Christian faith."