Hannah Sears

What makes Olivet different from other universities: Olivet's campus is like a big circle where almost everything that is "inner campus" is truly inner campus.  That makes the community at Olivet different than any other school because you are always around people. There are a lot of fun events where all students are invited so there are opportunities to meet new people all the time, which is something that you don't always get at different universities.  Also, having chapel every week with everyone gathered in one place, establishes even more of a community feel.  

Favorite class at Olivet: I had a love-hate relationship with Performance Studies, the acting class I had to take. I never would have thought I would ever say that was my favorite class but now that I think back on them, that was the one I had the most fun in.  A close second was Teambuilding and Leadership.  

Favorite ONU professor: Dr. Jay Martinson was one of my favorites.  He always made fun of students, including myself, during class and for some reason, that made him my favorite.  He also pulled a prank on me on my first visit to ONU, which was amazing.  

Favorite campus tradition: Ollies Follies, for sure, but especially the Variety Show. It's such a good way to meet new people and get up on a huge stage, in front of the whole school, and show everyone your impeccable dance moves.  If you are ever contemplating if you should do the variety show or not, let this be your sign...do it.  

Best Olivet memory: My sophomore variety show was my favorite memory because, not to brag, but my class won that year.  It was so fun to be on the big stage with all my friends cheering us on in the crowd.  

Favorite college trip: ​One day my friends and I randomly decided to buy tickets to the Passion conference that was happening during Christmas break.  We found a place to stay, and road tripped together to Atlanta, GA for a couple days. The spontaneity of the whole trip was my favorite part. 

Favorite extracurricular activity as a student: I was a pole-vaulter on the Track and Field team and that was such an amazing experience. The jumpers on the team are a different breed of people and I was so thankful to be a part of that group.  I met some of my best friends there and I loved getting to take a break from studying to go to practice every day.  

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Every Sunday, I drive to Chicago for church at Oasis Church Chicago and that is by far my favorite thing to do. It is an hour drive for church every week, which means I have spent quite a lot of money on gas, but it is so worth it.   

Favorite place to eat in town: I love Koi Asian Bistro, especially if you go for dinner because they give you edamame for free.  Anytime there is free food, I will be there.  

Advice for new students: Really get to know your professors, not just professionally, but personally too.  Olivet has some amazing professors who truly care so much about their students.  If you are a Business major (or even if you aren't) you should really get to know Dr. Allen, she is the best.  

Favorite Bible verse: Joshua 1:9

Call: 815-928-5594
Text: 815-393-1192

Major: Corporate Communications and Business Administration-HR
Hometown: Elkhart, IN