Culture and Context

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or minor in Geography is the bridge between the physical and cultural worlds. Geographers observe and measure the human use of the earth to better understand our changing environment, society and culture.

Grow in understanding of basic physical systems that affect our lives every day: sun, water cycles, wind and ocean currents, movement of the Earth. Understand more about how human and physical systems have affected the surface of the Earth. See the relationships between the structure of the Earth and society.

Students learn about the location of places and their physical and cultural characteristics and place historical and current events in the context of where they happen. The study of the development of people, ideas, places and environments across time help degree candidates gain insights into our global interdependence.

Research and technology are used to address the “big picture” problems of today’s world. Increase awareness of global issues. Develop a new sensitivity to differences among cultures. Understand more about the complexity of environmental issues and their impact on our lives.

Geography is Ideal for those Who Have:

  • An observant, detailed-oriented, and creative mind
  • A comfort using computers
  • An interest in the Earth and its people
  • An eagerness to travel and learn more about our world
ACCA Student Symposium

Students do an independent research project, prepare an abstract and then give an oral presentation of their results at the annual ACCA (Associated Colleges of the Chicago Areas) Symposium.

Two research options for science and mathematics students

Pence-Boyce Research Program Fellowships — Named to honor two Olivet professors, Elbert Pence (physics) and Fannie Boyce (mathematics), and funded by alumni and friends of Olivet

Olivet Research Associates Program – Set up to fund research in science and mathematics

Work closely with a faculty member on a forward-looking, 10-week research project during the summer. Projects may be theoretical, lab or field studies. Receive a stipend they can work full time on their project.