Environmental Science

Prepare for a Career Dedicated to Scientific Solutions

The Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Environmental Science is for those students who desire to develop the necessary skills to create meaningful change for Earth.

Stewardship of our planet is a priority set by God. With a degree in environmental science from Olivet, students are ready to dedicate their careers to solving some of the most serious problems our world faces. They become leaders in providing products, services and best practices to protect and improve our air, water and soil. 

In addition to completing a research project or an internship, many environmental science students are actively involved in field study trips and experiences to put their knowledge to work.

Environmental Science Careers

Air quality planner
Conservation planning specialist
Director of environmental organization
Environmental compliance information specialist
Environmental consultant
Environmental data analyst
Environmental educator
Environmental engineer

Environmental planner
Environmental project coordinator
Environmental protection specialist
Environmental scientist
Environmental specialist
Environmental technician
Field environmental specialist
Grants specialist
Green entrepreneur

Habitat coordinator
Land preservation specialist
Outdoor education naturalist
Outdoor/environmental instructor
Project consultant
Stewardship coordinator
Superintendent of natural resource operations

Environmental Science Grads

  • advise others on how to clean the environment
  • help make laws about protecting the environment
  • help companies comply with environmental laws
  • write concise and persuasive reports
  • help find funding for environmental projects
  • protect natural resources
  • preserve water
  • give advice on land-use and building projects
  • study and design sites for waste disposal
  • control pollution
  • repair damaged natural areas

Learning Outside the Classroom

Field experiences are a hallmark of Olivet degree programs. Recent student/faculty excursions include: 

  • Rainforest field study trip, Costa Rica
  • Tropical field studies tour, Ecuador
  • Fish research and scuba diving, Haigh Quarry, Kankakee, Illinois
  • Arctic biology study trip, Alaska
  • Habitat study, Indiana Dunes
  • Observe sandhill cranes at Jasper Pulaski Wildlife Refuge, Medaryville, Indiana
  • Field study at Mskoda Sands Black Oak Savanna, Kankakee
  • Vertebrate natural history and anatomy field project, Big Rock, Illinois
Studying Environmental Science at a Christian College

Rapid developments in science sometimes create theological questions, particularly as science relates to evolution. Read more about Olivet's Theistic Evolution Statement.

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Dissection and experimentation are essential tools for studying the anatomy and physiology of biological specimens. Read more about Olivet's dissection policy.

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Meet the Faculty

Mike Pyle

A professor at Olivet since 2007, Mike Pyle is helping to continue Olivet’s long, strong history of preparing students incredibly well for medical and health care careers. Under his leadership, the curriculum now requires every biology major to do a significant research project. He and his wife, Nancy, a nursing professor at Olivet often lead medical mission teams to Papua New Guinea and Uganda. A practicing physician and surgeon, he also invites students to join him in the clinic or operating room. In 2017, he received Olivet’s Faculty Member of the Year Award.

Biological Sciences Faculty

Biological Sciences with a Christian Purpose

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