Ryan Himes

Associate Professor

Biological Sciences, School of STEM

Dr. Himes joined Olivet’s full-time faculty in 2015. He teaches courses in biology, anatomy and physiology, as well as teaching in the Honors Program curriculum. His recent research efforts have focused on cardiac physiology, and the toxicity of hexavalent chromium. He is also interested in science policy, or how science influences public policy-making. Specifically, he is focused on policy surrounding renewable energy. In 2021, he helped Olivet develop two large solar panel arrays on the rooftops of the chapel and student recreation center. These are projected to save an average of 977 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, as well as $45,000 in electricity costs annually.

When he’s not in the classroom or lab, you are likely to find him at concerts or sporting events at Olivet, cheering on his students. He and his wife, Sarah — who is a nurse — enjoy visiting campus with their two children, and having students over for meals.