Jacki Blomquist

Coordinator, ABSN Program Track and Assistant Professor

Jacki started her career as a Critical Care nurse from day one until current. She loves the fast pace, teamwork, continual learning opportunities, and high level of care that can be provided.  With her husband being a teacher, she always said she could never see herself as one, but you never know what path God has planned for you and she is so happy it has brought her to the Olivet family and nursing education.  It makes sense when she looks at what she loves about nursing; they are the same aspects she has found to love in nursing education. She loves to help create and mold our future nurses.  

“I love working at Olivet Online for the community and the teamwork every way you turn.  As a nurse, I  strive to create a team of “wingmen” that have your back and that you can trust. This is what I have found and see in my  team at Olivet.”

“I enjoy teaching online for its flexibility and the community you can replicate virtually.”

Outside of being a nurse and nurse educator, Jacki is married with two children.  She also has a dog, her first child, that has been with her on her nursing journey from the start of her career.  Jacki and her family all love being outdoors together, baking, and traveling. They are her joy and keep her heart warm.