Greg Long


Biological Sciences, School of STEM

At ONU since 1995, Dr. Long teaches toxicology, biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, and research in biology. 

Dr. Long involves students in research in many different ways. Research is an integral part of many classes he teaches, including the research in biology course. Dr. Long also works with qualified juniors and seniors in Olivet’s summer undergraduate research program, and serves as a research mentor for biology or biochemistry students in the university honors program. 

His personal research interests have included enzyme and protein chemistry and cell biology. He is currently interested in cell growth processes and understanding the role of these processes in the development of cancer. Recent work, with honors students, has involved manipulation of some of these processes by drug treatment or gene editing (utilizing CRISPR-Cas9 methods) of cells grown in culture. 

Dr. Long conducted research to determine the cellular mechanisms of lead and cadmium poisoning at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, N.Y. for six years. He has numerous scientific publications from this work.

Faculty sponsor for the biology club, Biophilic, Dr. Long participates with students and other faculty in several events each year. Some of these include; bone marrow donor drives, Graduate school preparation seminars, Career/Graduate school fairs, and various social events for the biology majors at Olivet.

A year-round bicycle commuter, Dr. Long also enjoys computer programming, robotics, self-supported bicycle touring and playing the euphonium.

He and his wife, Meda, are the parents of three grown children. All three are college or graduate school graduates. Two of them are currently working in biology-related careers.