Kyle Ireland

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Kyle Ireland is the Student Support Services Director at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Prior to his time at JBU, Dr. Ireland spent eight years as faculty in the General Studies department at Olivet Nazarene University teaching entry level Mathematics courses. During his time as faculty, Dr. Ireland spent five years as the director of the university’s Freshmen Seminar program and Freshmen Advising program. Dr. Ireland earned his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics (2002) from Olivet as well as a Master’s degree in teaching (2006). Dr. Ireland completed his doctorate in Educational Leadership at Liberty University in 2018. After earning his bachelor’s he spent four years as the resident director of Chapman hall on Olivet’s campus prior to his hiring as faculty.

Dr. Ireland enjoys teaching because he gets to witness students’ successes and be a part of the process. Further, he gets to impart the educational wisdom and experience he has achieved throughout his nearly 19 years of higher education experience. Dr. Ireland believes Olivet Online is a great place to work because of the emphasis on developing an educational community with students that is rare in the online realm.