Don Reddick

Director of the Friends of the Fine Arts & Artist in Residence

Development Officers

“My friends from my hometown church, Roxana [Illinois] Church of the Nazarene, were going to Olivet, and I joined them,” Don recalls. “I graduated with a music degree. My wife, Dena; our daughter and son-in-law; and our son are also Olivet grads.”

Don has always appreciated the infusion of ONU’s Christian purpose in everything the University does. “Spiritual teaching and growth are more than a class or a worship service,” he says. “Revival services still take place each year. Chapel services are held each week. Class meetings begin with prayer and devotions. It’s amazing how our faith is woven throughout all aspects of the Olivet experience and is integral to what we do. Olivet provides students with the foundation they need to succeed in their work and life.”

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