Communication Studies

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or minor in Communications Studies will help you understand the process, appreciating the art and science of connecting in a meaningful way with one another.

At Olivet, students combine theory with Christian principles in the classroom, and put those skills into practice in the office, on stage and in a variety of careers.

Communication Studies Concentrations and Minors


The minor in theatre offers students an artistic outlet and the preparation they need for success in the theatrical world. Olivet theatre students study acting, directing, dramatic literature, technical theatre/stagecraft, and are welcome to participate in numerous performance opportunities — on campus and in the community — throughout the year.

In preparation for a career as an actor, producer, director, costumer, set designer, stage manager, house manager, technical director, or public relations executive, students connect with many alumni who are already pursuing professional theatre careers. Working with Ashley Sarver, an experienced theatre professional, students gain first-hand knowledge of “the business.”

Production Gallery

Musical Theatre

The minor in Musical theatre is for those students who wish to pursue two great arts: music and theatre. Whether it’s crooning into a microphone, tickling the black and white keys, dancing in front of a painted set, or conducting a 100-piece orchestra, the love for musical theatre produces a natural high that simply cannot be duplicated. Students receive solid course instruction and direction, as well as numerous opportunities for implementing stagecraft skills- onstage and off. 

Musical Theatre Program

Leadership Studies

The minor in Leadership Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program, which is the perfect complement to any major. Whether in schools, homes, churches, businesses, or government, there is an increased need of transformational, servant leadership.

The Leadership Studies minor provides students the confidence and skills needed to meet our world’s greatest needs.


Green Room

This student-led organization is open to anyone interested in theatre. Work together to prepare and present your own productions. Encourage others and be encouraged in the pursuit of acting and other theatre opportunities.

Clubs & Organizations


A student ministry group using music and drama for outreach to area churches. Use your gifts and talents to share the Gospel in creative ways.

Student Ministries

Lambda Pi Eta

Lambda Pi Eta the National Communication Association’s official honor society: This organization represents what Aristotle described in The Rhetoric as three ingredients of persuasion: logic; emotion; and character credibility and ethics.

National Communication Association

Chicago’s Media Market

Tap into the world of communication in Chicago, the third largest media market in the United States. Olivet’s proximity and professional connections offer students many choices for world-class, high-caliber internships. And they have many advantages for finding a job after graduation.

Learning by Serving

All programs include a service learning component. Olivet prepares students for serving God and humanity in whatever career field they choose. Working together with their classmates, students evaluate and plan how they can use their gifts to serve the marginalized people in Kankakee County – the homeless, developmentally disabled, mentally challenged, elderly.

Meet the Faculty

Heather McLaughlin

Dr. (Attig) McLaughlin teaches various hands-on courses in film and video production, including non-linear editing, basic video production, documentary, field production and script writing. She is certified in Final Cut Pro 7 and Color, well-versed in Adobe products and CMS, and proficient in the operation of HD video and still cameras. Her career achievements provide one more illustration of her love for technology and her versatility.

Communication Faculty


Exciting and challenging opportunities for completing the required internship are readily available. A wide network of alumni communication professionals plus easy access to the Chicago media market provide valuable experience.

Learning by Doing

Students interested in television broadcasting produce their own programs and share them through on YouTube through Access ONU. Public relations and strategic communication students manage and run their own agency, Inspired Strategies. Shine.FM provides radio broadcasting students with production and management experience.


Collaborating on exciting projects with clients — Olivet faculty, staff and students, as well as community organizations and leaders — expands students’ classroom studies. In working with their real-world clients, they learn about marketing, budgeting, planning, scheduling and much more.

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Communication with a Christian Purpose

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