Colton Kurtz

Favorite class at Olivet: My favorite classes had to be Inspired Strategies Agency (ISA). It's a student-run communication agency that works with internal and external clients. Through this class, I got to do photography for the athletic department and go to all the sporting events. I also enjoyed bonding and working alongside different groups on campus to promote ONU's athletic programs.

Favorite ONU professor: Professor Susan Wolff taught several of my communication courses. She always invested in us as students and helped us apply the skills we learned in class. I really appreciated that she started class with a daily devotion and prayer. Even after graduating, she encouraged me in my job search.

Best Olivet memory: My neighbor discovered if you buy an Ozzi box (the to-go containers from the cafeteria), you can fill it with about a gallon of ice cream. So, if you like ice cream it's definitely a hack you'll want to remember.

Hobbies: I enjoy going to the gym. I find it's a good way to hang out with friends while bettering yourself. I like that Olivet has a wide range of equipment to choose from. Just know, the last couple hours of the day are the busiest. Everyone seems to wait until the last minute to get their workouts in.

Favorite place to eat in town: I like to eat at Noodles and Company because they have different pastas to try. They also have the best homemade rice crispy treats.

Advice for new students: I would recommend joining at least one club or intramural team. Both are great ways to connect and meet new people outside of the classroom.

Favorite Bible verse: Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Call: 815-928-5713
Text: 815-559-0667

Major: Corporate Communications
Hometown: Bonfield, Illinois