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Please be sure to send an official college/university transcript for these courses to ONU
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Campus Community Covenant

We believe that Jesus Christ can be the foundation and center of every individual’s life.

We believe in preserving God’s moral laws, the civil laws, and the wise judgment of abstaining from certain practices which have negative effects on human physical and moral well-being.

We practice discretion in entertainment choice. Productions, music, language, and role-playing games which feature the violent, the sensual, the pornographic, the profane, or the occult are avoided. We refrain from gambling.

We do not possess or use tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or any controlled substance (including illegal drugs). We avoid the promotion of these activities by refraining from possession or display of related paraphernalia and by refraining from attending parties, clubs, bars, and other social gatherings where the use of these substances is encouraged.

We believe in the development of a campus community supporting Christian values and spiritual development.

We observe a practice of modest dress in respect for our community.

We practice personal conduct choices that reflect biblical morality, including abstaining from sexual promiscuity.

We believe in providing a Christ-centered educational environment, which enhances the quality of life for both the individual and the campus community.

We observe nightly in-hours and a daily atmosphere of quiet respect in our resident living areas.

We treat all community members, University officials, resident assistants, and other students with respect and cooperation.

We believe Christian praise and worship promotes the development and clarification of values and priorities while providing guidance relating to crucial life choices.

We attend chapel twice each week and during special fall and spring revival services.

Believing in these values and committing to prepare students to pursue avenues of service to God, the community, and the world at large, the University welcomes each student to the Olivet community and enters with students into a covenant which reflects the values of our community.

I agree to abide by the policies of Olivet Nazarene University while enrolled as a student. I understand that falsification of information on this application may result in its cancellation and, if I am admitted, may be cause for dismissal. I have read and understand fully the expectations placed upon me as a student at Olivet Nazarene University.