Safety and Driver Education Endorsement

The Safety and Driver’s Ed Endorsement program is designed for you to add a safety and driver education endorsement to your teaching certificate.



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7 months

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The required courses are designed to give a comprehensive and integrated presentation of the driver education principles in classroom, laboratory, and on-road settings.

Driving tasks are discussed, analyzed, and practiced, providing you with the knowledge to teach at the secondary school level. These courses are held online during the school year and on-ground during the months of June and July.

Complete In Just 7 Months

This entire program can be completed in just 7 months! Those who start in June 2024 can begin teaching by the spring semester.

Format: Accelerated, hybrid online and onsite classes
Credit Hours: 18 credit hours
Total Cost: $450 per credit hour

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Required In-Person Monday Classes in Tinley Park, IL

DRED 500 – Introduction to Driver Education | 3 Credits
DRED 503 – Teaching Driver Education in the Classroom | 3 Credits
DRED 507 – Safety Education on the Highway | 3 Credits

June 3 | June 10 | June 17 | June 24


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Required In-Person Hands-On Lab in Tinley Park, IL

DRED 502 – Advanced Lab for Drivers Education | 3 Credits

Choose One:
July 8-10  9AM-12PM
July 15-17  1PM-4PM
July 22-24  9AM-12PM

Online Elective Coursework

Choose Two, Courses Begin March 2024:

  • DRED 506 – Safety Issues Related to Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • DRED 508 – Driver Education for Students with Disabilities
  • DRED 500 – First Aid & Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Course Descriptions

The course introduces safety problems related to the use of the highway transportation system. Current rules and regulations governing driver education will be taught. Additional learning activities will focus on the problems novice drivers may encounter during their driving experiences. Emphasis is placed on risk awareness (distracted and aggressive driving). Issues involved in the administration, organization and evaluation of a driver education program will be introduced. Designing a parent/teen orientation night and procedures for obtaining an instructional permit will also be included.

June 3 | June 10 | June 17 | June 24    (8AM-5PM in Tinley Park)

The course will provide candidates with laboratory multi-car range and on-road teaching experiences. Safe driving skills and attitudes needed in the operation of a motor vehicle plus emergency procedures and evasive actions will also be taught from a behind-the-the wheel perspective in relation to the capabilities and limitations of the driver and the vehicle.

*Required in-person class, hands-on lab. Choose a one from the dates below.

July 8-10 (9AM-12PM)
July 15-17 (1PM-4PM)
July 22-24 (9AM-12PM)

The course provides driver education information which will prepare the candidate to teach driver education in a classroom setting. Learning activities will focus on preparing the driver education teacher with appropriate classroom teaching skills. Organizing a classroom setting with regards to course content, maintaining a learning environment, developing instructional modules, the use of technology and evaluation methods will be included.

June 3 | June 10 | June 17 | June 24    (8AM-5PM in Tinley Park)

The course explores the principles and applications of injury prevention and safety. Topics included will be railroad crossing safety, motorcycle safety, safe driving practices used in construction zones and during adverse conditions, school zone safety, safety as applies to nature’s laws, safe road sharing practices, emergency maneuvers, vehicle maintenance and safe vehicle operation in different driving arenas (city, country, interstate).

June 3 | June 10 | June 17 | June 24    (8AM-5PM in Tinley Park)

Choose Two Online Elective Courses

Courses begin October 2024

The course is designed to provide information for driver education instructor candidates that will prepare them to address substance use/abuse with students as it applies to drive education issues. Candidates will explore issues such as legal consequences of alcohol and drug use/abuse as it impacts driving and licensing, basic alcohol, drug pharmacology, and the application of critical thinking and problem solving skills concerning methods used to incorporate drug education into driver education programs.

Course begins March 2024

The course is designed to provide information and resources which will prepare driver education instructor candidates to address issues and accommodations related to teaching students with disabilities how to drive safely. Candidates will explore topics associated with the challenges related to driving with disabilities, locate information related to specific developmental disabilities and their impact on the novice driver, develop a resource base of information concerning driving strategies to be used in teaching students with disabilities, identify driving adaptations necessary to accommodate the individual challenges of students with disabilities, evaluating adaptive driving products, implement teaching techniques used to address accommodations necessary to assist students with disabilities, and provide information to parents of students with disabilities concerning parent directed intervention materials used to conduct effective supervised driving practice.

Course begins March 2024

The course consists of teaching and demonstrating vital and practical applications and necessary steps in administering emergency first aid care to an injured person, including the issues related to bleeding, shock, splinting, bandaging, and CPR methodology. Appropriate certification may be achieved upon satisfactory completion of this course.

Course begins March 2024

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