Acadeum College Consortium

Online Course Offerings

Olivet offers online course options through Acadeum, a consortium of other campuses across the country. Courses taken through Acadeum are considered institutional credit and impact your GPA and graduation requirements in the same way an ONU course does. Acadeum courses are likely to incur an additional fee*. Registration through the consortium requires approval from both the host institution and Olivet. Students may review the pre-approved list of course options.

*Acadeum courses are included in a student’s full or part-time total credit hours for the purposes of tuition billing. In addition to the usual full/part-time tuition rate, the Acadeum course fee is $495 per credit hour, but during the fall and spring semesters, enrolled students are given a discounted rate of $275 per credit hour for those additional courses. Summer courses are charged at the full $495 per credit hour rate.