Rick Badger

Staff Sergeant
College of Professional Studies
Military Science

Staff Sergeant Badger joined Olivet’s full-time faculty as a Military Science Instructor in 2020 after serving at numerous locations around the world as an Active Duty service member.

His career experience includes 16 years as a Military Policeman where he served as a member of the protective services team in Heidelberg, Germany, Drug Suppression Investigator at Fort Knox, KY, a Military Police Investigator at Fort Richardson, AK, a Patrol Supervisor at Fort Eustis, VA, and an Intelligence NCO in Kaiserslautern, Germany. His time in the Army also includes a tour in Afghanistan where he served as an interviewer, evidence custodian, and Tactical Site Exploitation instructor. SSG Badger holds certifications and specializations in Non-lethal weapons, anti-terrorism, conventional physical security, military police investigations, operations security, and Battle Staff operations.
As an educator, he believes attention to detail, discipline, and positive motivation are paramount to operational success and team building. Each team member must look beyond their core responsibilities and look for ways to improve the organization they are a part of.
In his leisure time he enjoys hunting, photography, hiking, cooking, and spending time with his wife, Amanda, and their two daughters, Kyrie and Tinzley.