Makenzie Sherwood

Advice for new students: ​Cherish the little things! Be grateful for the times you stay up with people on your floor laughing until 2 in the morning or when your professor has you in their office for a cup of coffee! Every moment matters, even the hard ones because it's all helping you grow into the best version of yourself. 

Favorite place to eat in town: Isidros! They have great tacos!

Hobbies: I love to read in my free time, especially outside on a warm day in a hammock! Other than that, I really enjoy hiking, traveling, and visiting my family in my hometown which is right on the coast of North Carolina! 

Favorite Thing to do in Bourbonnais: I love going to the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings.

Best Olivet memory: My favorite memory at ONU was when I was able to direct the Orpheus Variety Show as the Orpheus President my senior year! Orpheus is a seventy-person choir that sings up to sixteen split parts in their songs. Every year, we have the Orpheus Variety Show as a fundraiser where we get to do goofy skits, sing songs and overall have an absolute blast. Orpheus is by far my favorite thing I was part of at ONU because it was like a second family to me, and OVS is the time of year we get to know all of the new members super well. It was an honor to plan the Wild, Wild West Orpheus Variety Show that year. 

Favorite Class at Olivet: My favorite class was Biblical Hermeneutics with Dr. Jeff Stark. This was a class I was dreading because I thought it would be boring, but I was so wrong! Dr. Stark helped us learn how to Exegete Scripture in ways I had never known could be applicable all while making his lectures incredibly interesting. I love discussion based classes, and this was one of them! Because of that, not only did I learn from Dr. Stark, but I was able to learn from all my peers as well. 

Favorite campus tradition: My favorite campus tradition is probably our Homecoming weekend in October every year! The football and basketball games are always packed and it is so much fun seeing generations of Alumni connect with one another throughout those few days. 

Favorite Bible verse: Isaiah 43:18-19, "Behold I am making something new! Do you not see it? I am the same God who made a way through the wilderness, and I will make rivers through the desert."

Call: 815-939-5203
Text: 815-597-5894

Major: Children's Ministry 
Hometown: Wilmington, NC