Mackenzie Brown

Favorite class at Olivet: My favorite class at Olivet was "Dramatic Literature". In this class, we read and deeply discussed dozens of plays from Ancient Greece to modern day. These plays and discussions opened my eyes to no longer see the world in black and white, but in color.

Best Olivet memory: I met my husband while studying for an exam in the Perry Center. Super romantic.

Hobbies: After playing four years of competitive golf at ONU, I still enjoy playing for fun with my husband, my old coaches and teammates and my dad. I'm sure I'll get back into community theatre very soon as well.

Favorite campus tradition: I have always loved watching Mr. ONU. Watching your friends make fools of themselves in front of the entire student body never gets old. 

Favorite thing to do in Bourbonnais: We have some GREAT breakfast diners in the area. I love to go to brunch with friends at a local diner and catch up on life.

Favorite restaurant in town: Texas Roadhouse. I'm a country girl at heart and the rolls are unbeatable.

Advice for new students: Remember that no one has it all figured out. We're all in this together.

Favorite Bible verse: Galatians 2:20

Call: 815-928-5760
Text: 815-401-4227

Major: Communications Studies - Theatre Concentration
Minor: Legal Studies
Hometown: Winchester, IN