Kayla Krassman

Favorite Class at Olivet: My favorite class at Olivet was Topics: Human Trafficking my senior year. This course broke my heart for what I believe breaks the heart of God and roused within me a passion to help fight the injustice throughout the U.S. and around the world. 

Best Olivet Memory: January 26, 2014. The day I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior with a close friend over lunch. My life has been forever changed in ways that I could have never imagined.

Favorite ONU prof: Many of my professors have become favorites of mine. Teresa Garner, Shelly Stroud, Kent Olney, and Kristian Veit have deeply and personally connected with me in various ways throughout my college experience and personal life. They had a deep passion for seeing and caring about me not simply as a student, but most importantly as a person.

Hobbies: All of my life I grew up being active in just about any capacity one could imagine, from skateboarding miles to a friend’s house, to hiking the badlands, to playing travel basketball and softball around the U.S. I still enjoy being active, but due to two chronic back injuries, I have had to expand the horizons – I enjoy reading, attempting to teach myself guitar (and potentially violin), cooking, hanging out with friends and family, not to mention soaking up my quality time with cats.

Favorite extracurricular activity as a student: Throughout my four years at ONU, I played for our women’s basketball team. This gave me the opportunity to travel, gain tremendous life skills, and give back to the community through local and domestic outreach.

Favorite college trip: One of my favorite college trips had to be during my junior year when we went as a team to play in Puerto Rico and serve in a local church. I love to learn about and immerse myself within in the midst of other cultures when the opportunity presents itself. 

Favorite restaurant in town: Koi. I will never forget when a teammate of mine took me for my first sushi experience in Michigan. I looked at the "pea pod..." little did I know was actually edamame. I quickly found out that it is not to be eaten the same way. After chewing the "pod" for a solid ten minutes, I realized something was not quite right...if you have ever eaten edamame, you will understand why. My love for sushi has flourished from that day forward. 

Favorite campus tradition: I thoroughly enjoy our chapel services that take place prior to winter break...not to mention our yearly revival services. 

Favorite thing to do in Bourbonnais: Some of my favorite things to do in Bourbonnais consist of park hopping from Perry Farms, to Riverfront, and lastly, my personal favorite, Kankakee State park. 


Major: Psychology
Minor: Social Work, Sociology
Hometown: Hartford, WI