Joseph Makarewicz

Assistant professor
School of Engineering
M.S., 2009, University of Kansas
B.S., 2007, Olivet Nazarene University

Helping his students understand how math and theory fit into real life is one of Professor Makarewicz's passions. He also realizes the importance of Christian ethics in engineering and encourages his students to be diligent about testing as they work on a project.

Professor Makarewicz's graduate work at the University of Kansas focused on machine learning and robotics. During his time as a teaching assistant there, he received the Paul F. Huebner Memorial Award as the teaching assistant who best exemplified the role of a teacher.

As a computer engineer at NASA's Ames Research Center, Professor Makarewicz was part of an interdisciplinary research team. He worked on instrumentation at the Mountain View, Calif., location. His team published several articles on robotics and nanotechnology in professional journals. During the summer, he continues to do on-site work for NASA in computer programming for instrumentation.

Walking, hiking, biking, canoeing and spelunking are Professor Makarewicz's favorite outdoor leisure activities. He also enjoys playing board games and watching movies. Cooking new recipes and eating at new restaurants, as well as learning about different cultures, expand his knowledge of the world.

He and his wife Heather have one daughter. Heather is also a researcher, adjunct professor and former employee of NASA.