John Johnson

Adjunct Faculty
School of Graduate and Continuing Studies
School of Graduate and Continuing Studies - Business
Ph.D. (Intercultural Education with Focus on Organizational Leadership), 1996, Biola University
M.A. (Human Resource Leadership), 1989, Azusa Pacific University

Dr. Johnson has worked in the international environment for over 11 years and taught in higher education for over 17 years. He did his dissertation research on cultural change in educational leadership in Ukraine.  The focus of his teaching has been in the areas of International Management, Organizational Leadership and Research.

Dr. Johnson has extensive teaching experience with over 300 university courses taught, including 150+ taught completely on-line. His track record of instructions to students includes instruction in Organizational Development, International Business, HRM, International Management, and Doctoral Research Courses. His international teaching experience includes courses taught in Ukraine, Thailand, China, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Lithuania, Switzerland, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ecuador and Haiti.

Apart from teaching as an Adjunct Faculty, Dr. Johnson also chairs dissertations and supervises students completing Master’s degrees.  He has chaired dissertations for 25 students who have successfully completed their doctorates and supervised over 200 Master’s thesis projects.  He serves as mentor for over 50 adjunct faculty and has helped hire over 1000 adjuncts for teaching roles.  He has numerous publications and is a founding Partner of Precedent Academics, a small Global Company with employees in eight countries.

In addition to his successful academic career, Dr. Johnson is also Co-founder of three companies and Senior Partner/Director of Business Development at Precedent Academics, an Indianapolis based company which services Universities, publishes textbooks and supplements with a focus on Adult Learners.

Dr. Johnson developed 4 courses, is the co-author of 7 books including The Old Paths or A New Way: Perspectives on the Conservative Holiness Movement (2014); Perspectives on the History of the United States (2012); The Recruiting and Acculturation of Adjunct Faculty (2011); Perspectives on International Business: A Collection of Readings. (2nd ed.) (2011); Understanding Global Business: A Collection of Readings (2005); Leading Organizations Through Change: A Collection of Reading (2004); Global Issues and Change, a supplemental text for Associate and Bachelor business students in Global Business courses (2004).

He also wrote numerous peer/non-peer reviewed articles on Management and Leadership, most recent of them are:

  • Johnson, J. & Halasa, I. (September, 2015). Жіноче підприємництво в Україні. Перешкоди на шляху жінок-підприємиць [Women Entrepreneurship in Ukraine. Barriers to success of women-entrepreneurs]. Retrieved from
  • Johnson, J. & Chinta,  R. (August, 2015). Barriers to entrepreneurship for women in Ukraine: quantitative study. Studies of changing societies: comparative and interdisciplinary focus. Ukrayinskyy socium, 3(54). Retrieved from
  • Johnson, J. & Taranenko, A.  (23 July, 2015)  "Американські дослідники виявили: українські підприємниці демонструють відмінні навички комунікації" (American researchers identified strong networking skills of Ukrainian women entrepreneurs). Can be retrieved from
  • Johnson, J. S. (2014). Успіх у бізнесі: перешкоди та стимули на шляху українських бізнес-леді [Barriers to successful entrepreneurship for women in Ukraine], Ukrayinskyy socium, 4(51), 52-64. Retrieved from (in Ukrainian)
  • Buko S., Garten E., Johnson J.  (December, 2013). Barriers to successful entrepreneurship for women in Ukraine. Studies of Changing Societies: Comparative and Interdisciplinary Focus, 4(10), 2013, 90-104.
  • Johnson, J. (2012) Faculty development trainings for online programs: case study of doctoral program of Walden University. Published in V.V. Oliynyk (ed). Proceeding of the 3rd international scientific conference Theory and Practice of distance learning in post-graduate education. Kyiv, Ukraine: NAPN, pp.17-18 (In Ukrainian)
  • Buko, S., Johnson J., KalynychenkoI. (2011). Perspective on the role and quality of online education in the system of higher education : case study of the United States. (Proceedings of the International Conference “Distance education in Ukraine. Information and education environment in the distance learning system of educational institutions: innovative and psychological aspects, November 2-4, 2011, Kharkiv, Ukraine). – Kharkiv.: «Miskdruk», 2011. – p. 291-295
  • Johnson, J. (2011). The role of online learning in the system of higher education: case study of the United States.  Theory and Methods of Educational Management,  (7). Retrieved from:

Dr. Johnson’s recent presentations & conferences include the following:  

  • Johnson, J. (December 5, 2015). Presentation “Barriers and drivers of success for businesswomen in Ukraine” presented at the 2015 International Symposium on Women’s Studies, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Johnson, J. (November 19-20, 2015). Presentation “Barriers to successful women entrepreneurship in Ukraine” presented at the conference “Enterprise Strategy: Efficiency at the Time of System Transformations”, Kyiv, Ukraine. 
  • Johnson, J. (November 5, 2015). Presentation  "Barriers to Entrepreneurship for Women in Ukraine" presented at the America House meeting “Drivers and barriers in small and medium business experience from ukrainian entrepreneurs”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Johnson, J. (October 7, 2015). Presentation “Barriers to Successful Entrepreneurship for Women in Ukraine” presented at the USAID meeting “Розширення підприємницьких та лідерських можливостей для жінок» [Expanding the entrepreneurial and leadership capacities for women], Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Johnson, J.  (2015, September 25). Barriers to Succesful Entrepreneurship for Women in Ukraine [Radio Interview] (Проблемы женского предпринимательства в Украине) Ternopil: UHRadio. Available at
  • Johnson, J. (2015, May 25). Characteristics of Effective On-line Instructor in the USA.  Presented at the International Conference “Efficiency of On-Line Education: Word Experience” at Wisconsin International University, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Johnson, J. (2014). Cross-cultural aspects of female entrepreneurship in Ukraine [TV Interview]. In All aspects of Higher Education [Усi гранi вищої освiти]. Dnipropetrovsk: Channel 27.
  • Johnson, J. (2014, May 27) Cultural differences between Ukrainians and Americans and their implications for Effective Leadership. Paper presented at the Annual International Conference on Leadership, Wisconsin International University, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Johnson, J.  (2014, May 23). Religious Reactionary Movements in the United States: the Case Study of the Conservative Holiness Movement. Paper presented at the XIII International Conference “Ethnicity and power: Politics and Cultural Symbolic Resources of Ethno-Political Mobilization”, Yalta, Ukraine.
  • Buko S., Johnson, J.  (2014, May 21). Success perceptions of Ukrainian businesswomen: cross-cultural aspects. Paper presented at the Fourth International Nobel Economic Congress “World Nobel Congress in Economics “World Economy of the XXI century: Cycles and Crises”.  May 21, 2014, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. (in English onsite in Dnipropetrovks)
  • Burrus S.W.M., Johnson J., Shaw M. (2014) Course length recommendations in online higher education. Paper presented at United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) “2014 National Conference: Connecting Pathways to Learning”. St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
  • Johnson J. (2014, April 3). Success perceptions of Ukrainian businesswomen: cross-cultural aspects. Paper presented at Paper presented at VII international conference “Innovational process of economic, social and cultural development: domestic and foreign experiences”.  Ternopil, Ukraine.  
  • Johnson J., Wells S. (2013) Systems of Accountability for on-line Instructors in the US.Paper presented at the 8th international conference “New Information Technologies in Education for All: Lifelong Learning” (ITEA-2013) Kiev, Ukraine. Link:  
  • Burner, K., Johnson, J.  (2013). Accessing the value of the online university degrees in the United States. Paper presented at the International Scientific-Practical Conference “Distance Education in Ukraine-2013”, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  • Johnson J. (2013). Профессиональные характеристики эффективных он-лайн преподавателей в США. [Characteristics of effective US online instructors]. In V.V. Oliynyk (eds) Proceedings to the 4th open international scientific conference on Theory and Practice of distance learning in education. Kyiv, 15 November, 2013. K: NAPN, University of Education Management, pp. 6 (in Russian)  
  • Johnson, J. (2013, August 16). Research Symposium: Barriers to successful entrepreneurship for women in Ukraine. Presented at Walden University, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Johnson, J., Wells, S. (2012, November 29-30). Psychological, pedagogical and innovational aspects of distance learning.  (Webinar: “Psychological aspects of mentoring students in online doctoral programs in the USA: case study of Walden University.”). Kharkiv International Scientific Seminar. Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  • Johnson, J. (2012, November 28). New information technologies in education for all:  models and infrastructures. Providing for academic transparency in online education: US experience. New trends in E-learning in US: case study of online doctoral program of Walden University. Retrieved from
  • Johnson, J. (2012, October 30). Webinar presentation “Mobile University Campus: case study of Walden University”. Webinar sessions at Kharkiv International Scientific Seminar “Psychological, pedagogical and innovational aspects of distance learning.”
  • Johnson, J. (2012, October 18). Webinar presentation “Approaches to professional development of faculty in online programs: case study of doctoral program of Walden University” at the 3rd Scientific Conference “Theory and Practical approaches in Postgraduate  Online learning”. National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences (University of Educational Management) Report retrieved.
  • Johnson, J. (2012, September 27).  Doctoral programs online in US. Open lecture to professors of Ukraine Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. Kiev, Ukraine. Retrieved from:
  • Johnson, J. (2012, September). Barriers to successful entrepreneurship for women in Ukraine. (Research grant from Walden University). Focus group discussion. Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Johnson, J. (2012). The role of online learning in the postgraduate education: Case study of successful online doctoral program of Walden University. Paper presented at  V  International Scientific Conference “Innovative development of society in the conditions of cross-cultural interactions”, Sumy, Ukraine.

Dr. Johnson is actively engaged in research work. He received grant from the University of Phoenix for quantitative study (2014-2015). The purpose of this research was to identify common barriers that female entrepreneurs face in Ukraine and develop guidelines to help overcome those barriers. Research included the survey interviews of female entrepreneurs from 24 regions of Ukraine. Most recent results of this research work could be found on

The results of his research on Entrepreneurship for Women in Ukraine, conducted in 2012-2013 (grant from Walden University), can be found at