Invaluable experience in real-life situations

Though not required for some ONU degree plans, you should be advised that most employers are extremely interested in students completing at least one internship or having significant employment directly related to their major prior to graduation. Successful interns are frequently hired by their employers for full-time positions.

"The importance of completing an internship prior to graduating from college cannot be stressed enough. Recent statistics repeatedly show that employers prefer new hires that have gained relevant work experience through internship or co-op experiences and make full—time job offers based on these experiences. Many organizations have set up internship programs within their organization for the purpose of training and hiring interns as full time employees. It has also been proven that retention rates of new employees are considerably higher for those who have completed an internship with the organization."
Penny Loretto, Guide

With a worldwide network of 32,000 Olivet alumni — and many more friends — the possibilities of student internships and post-graduation jobs are virtually limitless. Olivet's online career portal helps build these connections.
Supplement your internship search using and its online resource materials.

“There are relatively few events in my past that I would say have been life-altering. The first, of course, was my relationship with Christ. The second was my relationship with…Mickey Mouse. During my junior year of college, I participated in the Walt Disney World College Program which was hands-down the most exciting part of my college education. I highly recommend this opportunity to all of our ONU students as it will make a big difference in the quality of work and your dreams for the future!”
Mindy Williamson, Assistant to the Director of Foundation Operations,
Disney Internships
"My internship at the Focus Leadership Institute offered me the opportunity to work with a team and have complete responsibility for projects from concept to completion. After four previous internships, my time at FLI offered the most valuable 'real world' experience on my future career. The staff at FLI place students with experienced Christian leaders who mentor and teach their trade while implementing Christian worldview in the workplace. The connections I made as an intern eventually led to a full-time position at Focus on the Family."
Matt Buller, ONU Class of 2010,
Focus Leadership Institute
Many Olivet students have received full-time positions after college because of successful internships they completed during their college experience.