The Hope Project

The world could use a little hope right now.

“I’m hopeful when I see how much my students at ONU are filled with compassion and concern for the poor and suffering in our world.”
- Olivet Faculty Member

Olivet Nazarene University has always been a place where young men and women come to prepare for the future. Year after year they come, eager for the challenge to build lives of significance and purpose - to live their best lives. 

They know this place prepares them to fulfill their calling in the classroom, hospital unit, office, boardroom, nature preserve, laboratory or wherever their careers take them. They have hope.

This year, we launched The Hope Project to celebrate how Olivet students aspire to lives of significance and purpose through the Olivet experience.

Many of these students would not be here without support from alumni and friends. On days when hope seems far away, that support encourages students, transforming their dreams into realities that will make the world a better place.

Even with this generous support, there is still so much need. Now more than ever, students and families are struggling to pay the high cost of higher education. That is why Olivet is committed to bring hope, through academic scholarships and need-based grants, to students who need it most.

You Can Take Part in The Hope Project

SHARE with your friends and family how Olivet has influenced your life.

PRAY for students and their families who could not be at Olivet without assistance based on financial need.

GIVE hope to those students by making a gift to Olivet’s fund for academic scholarships and need-based grants.

Give Now

Take a moment to bring hope to someone today

We believe that one act of generosity has the power to bring hope to someone who will change the world.

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