The Freshman Experience

Helping our freshmen start off in the best way possible and experience success

The Freshman Experience is a program of The David L. Elwood Center for Student Success at Olivet. This immersive experience will help you make a smooth transition to college life.

In June: Orientation Weekend — Meet other members of your freshman class. Select a roommate and choose a dormitory room. Meet your University President and your professors. Talk about finances and financial aid. Get more of your college questions answered.

In July: College Essentials is a collection of online assignments that are actually a part of Freshman Connections, a one-credit hour required course, taken in the fall, by every incoming freshman student at Olivet. The College Essentials assignments, intended to be completed over the summer, become available in July. Points earned for completing each assignment are included in your Freshman Connections course grade.

Assignments include hands on learning about the many resources and tools you need to succeed at Olivet: Canvas, Olivet’s online learning management system; My.Olivet, the University Portal; essential library tools and resources. Take care of some registration requirements: vehicle or bike registration, your emergency contact information, security questions for password reset, and more.

In August: Jump Start — This three-day conference, held the weekend before classes start, is designed to help you adjust quickly to college life. Meet your Freshman Connections group and share group activities with them. Hear from inspiring speakers. Begin experiencing campus life.

Fall semester: Freshman Connections, a course just for freshmen — Your Freshman Connections group continues to meet weekly throughout the first semester in this for-credit class. Study the book Habitudes for the Journey together. Learn about people, places, resources, concepts and ideas that will pave your way to college success.

Are you ready to thrive at Olivet? The Freshman Experience begins your pathway to graduation.

Make a strong transition to college through our multi-step program designed especially for freshmen students