Emily Sauer

Favorite class at Olivet: Interpersonal Communication with Dr. Jay. I actually just took this class for fun, but I learned so much about myself while also learning about the art of communicating with and relating to other people. 

Best Olivet memory: Literally so many come to mind, but I think my favorites were spending Sundays meeting up in someone's apartment and getting homework done together. There were so many weekends jam packed with plans and it was nice to just end the weekend relaxing with friends and studying at the same time.

Favorite Olivet professor: Dr. Lynda Allen! I didn't just feel like a part of her class, I also felt like I was part of her family. We had so much fun in class and she also had every class over for pizza at some point in the semester and it just meant a lot.

Hobbies: I really like being active so I like to hike, run, bike, rollerblade, you name it! I also love reading and painting as well as exploring new places or just getting coffee with friends. 

Favorite extracurricular activity as a student: Intramurals. I tried just about everything and I love volleyball, but my favorite was flag football! Gotta get that shirt!

Favorite college trip: A handful come to mind, but I'd say senior year spring break! My RA team from the previous year road tripped to Florida and camped. We were also able to check out Nashville and Atlanta on the way so we got the chance to try a lot of new things. 

Favorite restaurant in town: Blue's Café. They have the most amazing biscuits and gravy and that's really saying something because I don't even like biscuits and gravy. If you haven't tried them yet, what are you doing? Get some right now!

Favorite thing to do in Bourbonnais: My favorite Saturday regime is to go to the Farmer's Market, get some coffee and then go to the state park for a walk/hike. I love that we have such a great place to be outdoors that's so close. 

Call: 815-928-5447
Text: 815-472-7603

Major: Business Administration 
Concentration: Not-for-Profit Management
Hometown: Davison, MI