Become an Advocate

Join the network of Olivet Advocates by speaking Olivet in your classrooms, neighborhoods, churches and workplaces. Help recruit and support students whose lives will be transformed by the Olivet experience.

Have you ever stopped to consider the influence you alone can have? As an Olivet Advocate, you can use your words, actions and resources to create an eternal impact in the lives of future Olivet students — and in the lives of all they go on to touch. 

What does an advocate do?

First and foremost, pray for Olivet and for the students you know who are making decisions for college. Also, speak boldly about the transformational difference Olivet has made in your life, or in the lives of your friends and family. Your “third party endorsement” goes a long way for those within your circle of influence!

Ways to "speak Olivet” as an advocate:

School Advocates

“I want to send you an Olivet pennant for your classroom or office! If you have your class fill out an interest card, we will send them an Olivet T-shirt!"

Austin Brown
Graduate Assistant for Alumni Relations


Church Advocates

“Consider partnering with me to schedule a campus visit, set-up an Olivet display in your lobby (with free t-shirts), or sponsor one of your youth activities!”

Gary Gerstenberger
Associate Director for Church Relations

Industry Advocates

“We have a vibrant community of alumni around the world. Please join me at one of our job fairs, register to “Hire Olivetians” on Handshake, or speak in one of our classes."

Adam Clark
Graduate Assistant for Alumni Relations

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