Alyssa Groome

Favorite Class at Olivet: Upper and lower extremity assessment. These two classes were the most interesting. They vividly showed me how our God perfectly created us in His image.

Best Olivet memory: There are just too many to pick just one. Late nights with my girlfriends in the dorms. Leading the student body in line dancing. Watching Dr. Bowling ride the mechanical bull at the block party. Being able to take a break from class and meet my "Mema" for lunch at every Prime Time day!

Favorite ONU prof: There is NO way to choose just one. Brian Hyma, April Kamba, and BJ Guesa .. the family who built me professionally and challenged me in all areas. Having professors that truly care about you and invest in you is something I will always cherish during my time at Olivet.

Hobbies: I enjoy time on our farm with my husband and two sons, Carter and Corban, along with our pigs and chickens of course! I also enjoy photography and all things Chicago sports!

What makes Olivet different from other universities: I often had conversations with my friends from high school where they were amazed that I actually knew my professors' families. The true caring hearts of the community at Olivet is second to none when looking for a place of higher education.

Favorite place to eat in town: Being from Bourbonnais, my favorite spots would be Monical's, Brickstone or Jimmy Joes BBQ.

Favorite campus tradition: Hands down ... OLLIES FOLLIES!

Favorite thing to do in Bourbonnais: Being able to see my family. I was born and raised in the "Bourb". I never thought I would EVER be an "ONU Townie", but (next to marrying my husband) it was the THE BEST decision I have ever made. I lived on campus and was able to have my independence that way, but I was able to go home for my Mama's home cookin' anytime I wanted. 

Advice for new students: Listen to your mom ... 9.99/10 she IS right! 

Favorite Bible verse: "Let your light shine before men so that they might see your good deeds and honor your father in heaven." Matthew 5:16

Call: 815-928-5594
Text: 815-573-9292

Major: Athletic Training and Exercise Science
Hometown: Bourbonnais, Illinois