Bowling Tribute

Our president John C. Bowling will end his tenure at the completion of the 2020-21 school year and you have the opportunity to dedicate a tribute in his honor. Do you have a personal story or memory that you would like to share publicly with the community and with Dr. Bowling personally? Take a moment and submit your thoughts.


Here's an example from Erinn Proehl:

The first time I ever met Dr. Bowling, I actually helped set up the introduction. During my freshmen year, my marketing professor, Dr. Lynda Allen discovered that I was the fourth of the Proehl siblings to be enrolled at Olivet at the same time. I was a freshman, I had two brothers, a sophomore and a junior, and my sister was a senior—all at the same time. Dr. Allen thought that her husband, the other Dr. Allen, might want to share our story in The Olivetian publication. My family agreed to an interview, but I think with pressure from my older siblings, we had one condition: We would do the interview if we could have dinner with Dr. Bowling. A few days later, the four of us were having dinner with Dr. Bowling in the President’s Dining Room. That’s how I first met Dr. Bowling, and that was likely one of the first moments I realized that Olivet is a place I could give my life to.

Now that I have been at Olivet for 11 years after that moment, I have had multiple times with Dr. Bowling that propelled me further in to giving my professional career to Olivet.

I am so glad that I do not really have to see what it will be like not having Dr. & Mrs. Bowling at Olivet.. their impact will continue for generations; they will be here forever!

- Erinn Proehl, Wheelersburg, OH

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