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What to Bring

  • As you prepare to make Olivet your home away from home, it is important to know what to bring (and what NOT to bring) with you.
  • What to Bring

    Besides clothing and personal care items that are a must, the following list includes some necessary items, as well as some optional items:

    • Bedding (XL sheets), linens, comforter, pillow, blankets
    • Umbrella/raincoat
    • Iron and ironing boards
    • Laundry bag and detergent
    • Shower shoes/shower caddy
    • Comforter/sheets/pillowcases/extra blankets
    • Bath towels
    • Flashlight and batteries
    • Toiletries
    • Alarm clock/extension cords/power strips
    • Small tool kit
    • Games/camera
    • Office supplies/stamps/sticky notes/calculator
    • Calendar
    • Bulletin board/message board
    • Sticky tack/3M brand hooks (no nails, except in apartments)
    • Bowls, silverware, coffee mug
    • Under bed storage crates
    • Stackable crates/shoe rack
    • Hanging file folders/drawer organizers
    • Pictures/posters/decorations
    • Personal Computer

    Items you might share with a roommate 

    • Carpet pieces are allowed. Permanently installing carpet is not.
    • Dorm refrigerator/coffee maker
    • Fan
    • CDs/DVDs/TV/sound system/game stations
    • Chairs/futons

    Items NOT to bring

    To maintain a safe environment, campus policy does not permit:

    • Pets (with the exception of fish)
    • Microwaves (excluding apartments)
    • Candles
    • Lofting furniture in a manner for which it was not designed
    • Appliances with open heating coils, such as toasters, hot plate, sandwich grills, George Foreman Grills (excluding apartments)
    • Space heaters
    • Ceiling fans
    • Halogen lamps
    • Installation of radio and TV antennas, dish networks
    • Weight lifting equipment
    • Bows and firearms – including paintball/airsoft guns
    • Painting dorm room or apartment
  • What to Bring Right Image

  • There are various ways to personalize your room to make it fit your unique style and personality.