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Olde Oak and Oak Run Apartments

Olde Oak and Oak Run Apartments

Old Oak Apartments Main Photo
Honors housing for upperclassman men and women
Resident Directors: 
  • Jon Croft  
  • Jessica Griffen  
  • Jordan Hedge  

Old Oak and Oak Run make up a complex of nine apartment buildings located a quarter mile west of the main campus. This facility is a highly sought-after apartment option for both male and female upperclassmen honor students. Students residing in this area must meet certain social and academic requirements.

All are two-bedroom apartments accommodating four residents with a full kitchen, bathroom, dining area and living area. All rooms are carpeted, excluding the kitchen, dining area and bathroom.

Each building is three levels with a laundry facility located on the lower level. In addition, second and third story apartments have decks.

Located within walking distance are local businesses such as Dairy Queen, Starbucks, Little Caesar’s, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Family Video, Jewel Osco and more.

Honors Housing:  

  • Open House: Open house occurs on campus throughout the week as an opportunity for the opposite sex to visit within the residence halls and apartments. Open house is a privilege on our campus, requiring monitors to perform periodic visits around the residence halls and apartments. Open house is held five times per week: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 11p.m. Sunday open house is held from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. A monitor must sign up 24 hours in advance or open house will be cancelled.
  • Curfew: The apartments still maintain the upperclassmen curfew, but it is not enforced as a privilege of being an honors student.
  • Parking is available in three different lots.
  • Bike racks are available near each building. 

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