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Pre-Registration Questionnaire

  • Student Information

    Intended Major or Double Major (Education majors: specify subject and/or grade levels you plan to teach):

    High School Background

    If yes, list coursework below:

    If yes, Please indicate tests on which you have scored 3 or higher:

    College Interests

    Would you like to start or continue the study of French or Spanish this fall?

    If yes, how many years (if any) have you taken in high school?

    Would you be living on campus during the upcoming semester?

    Do you plan to participate in the ROTC program?

    Have you been granted a position with intercollegiate athletics?

    Do you plan to participate in the ONU Marching Band?

    Do you plan to participate in the ONU Orchestra?

    Do you plan to take music lessons during the upcoming semester?

    If yes:

    Please provide any additional information that might be important in planning your class schedule.

    If you need special accommodations of any kind (IEP, 504 Plan, etc.) to assist in your academic success, please describe the necessary accommodations and include appropriate supported documentation. In addition, please contact the Assessment and Learning Support Center at 815-928-5457.