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Church on a Skateboard


After earning a degree in business administration at Olivet, Brock Luginbill ’91 had a keen focus on his “life plan.” The check marks were quick to tally up on his to-do list: master’s from Notre Dame, corporate bank experience, owning his own businesses, finding success. Amidst all this education and professionalism, he felt an uneasy tug toward a new “life plan.”

Gradually, Brock and his wife, Nancy (Greene) ’94 came to the clear conclusion they were supposed to become missionaries to Ecuador. When the Luginbills arrived in Quito as missionaries, people mentioned that some of the street kids wanted to learn to skate. Brock, a skateboard enthusiast since boyhood, was quick to oblige.

“I started to spend time at a couple of decrepit old skate parks that exist in Quito,” explains Brock. “God started scooping in all of these kids who came from difficult backgrounds, many of whom dealt with addictions. It provided me with a voice into their lives,” he says. “One morning, during my devotional time, the Lord told me outright, ‘You’re going to build a skate park.’”

La Roca Skate Church was born.

La Roca from Elevation Church on Vimeo.

Produced by Elevation Church, this video is posted on their Vimeo channel and is used by their permission. For more information about Elevation Church, visit

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