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Live Streaming Requirements

  • What are the System Minimum requirements to use the Stretch Internet portal?


    Desktop or Laptop 

    If you're on a desktop or laptop computer, we suggest using the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox on either Mac or Windows for best results. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other browsers or older versions of Chrome or Firefox. To access audio or video content, you will also need the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player. To access live or on-demand video, you will need a download speed of at least 1.0 Mbps (1,000 Kbps) for standard definition broadcasts and 3.0 Mbps (3,000 Kbps) for high definition broadcasts. You can measure your download speed at Ookla Speedtest.

    If you are on a desktop or laptop you may need to see if there are any updates that need to be run?

    For Mac: go to Apple in the top left corner, select App Store, then updates or software updates depending on current operating system.

    For Windows: 

    Mobile Devices 

    Our broadcasts are also compatible on:

    Apple mobile devices running iOS 7 or later

    Android devices running OS 4.4.4 or later.


    Why is the portal not loading correctly or missing information?  


    If you're having issues loading the portal or accessing content on a computer, please make sure you're using the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox. We also suggest that you clear your browser's cache, quit your web browser, and try to relaunch the portal.