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Testament Men's Choir

Testament Men’s Choir is a 30-voice ensemble, featuring sacred classics and spirituals to arrangements of contemporary selections. Membership is by audition only. Comprised of men pursuing a wide variety of majors and concentrations, Testament presents campus concerts as well as regional tours around Olivet’s region.


Q: When are auditions for Testament Men's Choir?
A: Auditions are held at both the beginning of the fall semester and the spring semester. Those who audition in the fall are expected to remain in Testament for the full year.

Q: What are the audition requirements?
A: Auditions include range exercises, sight reading, and note retention exercises.

Q: Do I need to re-audition every year?
A: No. Once a student has been accepted into Testament, he is not required to audition each year.

Q: Are there any fees for being part of Testament?
A: Yes. All members are required to pay a yearly fee (usually around $35) to help the choir cover basic expenses. Members are also required to provide their own concert attire.



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