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Chrysalis Women's Choir

Chrysalis Women's Choir is made up of Olivet ladies who represent varying degree programs and ages. The choir performs sacred music from an extensive variety of styles including gospel, hymn arrangements, and contemporary influences. The choir is directed by Professor Kay Welch and admittance is through audition only.


I was in Chrysalis for four years. My favorite part of Chrysalis is that, being an all-girls choir, we can open up so much in prayer and devotions. The friends made here are friends for life, spiritual mentors who lift each other up in prayer and sing praises to our Lord." Melissa Morehouse, alumna


Q: When are auditions for Chrysalis Women's Choir?
A: Auditions are held at the beginning of the fall semester. Those who audition are expected to remain in choir for the full year.

Q: What are the audition requirements?
A: Auditions include range exercises, sight reading, and note retention exercises.

Q: Do I need to re-audition every year?
A: No. Once a student has been accepted into Chrysalis, she is not required to audition each year.

Q: Are there any fees for being part of Chrysalis?
A: Yes. All members are required to pay a yearly fee (usually around $35) to help the choir cover basic expenses. Members are also required to purchase their own concert attire.



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