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University Orchestra/University Strings

Dr. Neal Woodruff (University Orchestra)/ Heather Williams (University Strings)


Members of the University Orchestra and University Strings are selected from students pursuing all majors and concentrations. Under the baton of Dr. Neal Woodruff, the Orchestra performs chamber and full symphonic literature. In addition to campus concerts, annual performances of Handel’s Messiah and collaboration with student soloists for the Commencement Concert, the Orchestra serves as the pit orchestra for spring musicals and operas. The University Orchestra tours throughout the Olivet region.


Q: Do I have to audition to be a member of the University Orchestra/University Strings?
A: Yes. Auditions are held at the end of August, usually the Monday and Tuesday prior to the first day of classes.

Q: I have a Music Department scholarship for my instrument; do I still need to audition?
A: Yes. All students who wish to participate in Orchestra must audition.

Q: What are the audition requirements?
A: Audition requirements are as follows:
    1. A short prepared selection, such as an etude.
    2. Sight reading

***String players who become part of the University Orchestra receive a $2500 scholarship.



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