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Rebecca Lankford

Rebecca Lankford

Rebecca Lankford Horizontal
Phone:  815-928-5798
Students with last names beginning with: G, H

Major: B.A. in English
Double minor in Intercultural Studies and ESL
Hometown: Richmond, Va.

Counselor video  

Hobbies: reading everything in reach, searching endlessly for the perfect antique treasure, lazy lake days, singing, drive-in movies with my family, and consuming as many  pancakes as possible. 

Favorite ONU class and why: “Preparing your Call to Ministry” (fall ’11) with Jason Robertson 

At a really crucial point in my life, Prof Robertson deconstructed my idea of a “calling” and Biblically rebuilt my views, ideals, and really, my soul’s desire to be in the ministry.  

Favorite ONU professor: While the entire English department has significantly invested in me in some way, Rebecca Belcher-Rankin believed in my writing and spurred me toward excellence when I had no courage to lift the pen. In addition, her guidance and model of a lovely Christ-like woman impacted me greatly.

Favorite college trip: Burkina Faso, Africa, Summer 2010

Favorite ONU hangout and why: The Red Square. It’s sunny/right next to the Tiger Den (favorite place to eat), of course!

Advice for new ONU students:  
“College is only as hard as learning to manage your time. Be a good steward of every minute, and the time spent here will be more than worthwhile!”




Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser; teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.