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  •  Available as a minor
    What transpires on the stage is magical – the thrill of adrenaline pumping through the body during a flawless, well-rehearsed performance. As the audience erupts in a chorus of applause, you feel on top of the world. And suddenly, there is not a single doubt in your mind: this is where you belong.
  • Theatre offers students both an artistic outlet and the preparation they need for success in the theatrical world.

    You might consider pursuing a career in theatre if you:

    • thrive on rehearsal
    • have a good memory
    • are fascinated by what goes on behind the curtain
    • love studying humanity
    • have empathy for people in other walks of life
    • enjoy working with others in a creative setting
    • aren’t shy when expressing or interpreting others’ creative work
    • don’t get discouraged easily
    • can keep yourself motivated through the audition process

    Solid course instruction plus many opportunities for acting and production experiences equal a dynamic theatre program. In a Christian environment, prepare for your professional success.

    At Olivet, you can: 

    • Study acting, directing, dramatic literature, technical theatre/stagecraft.
    • Be part of many performance opportunities — on campus and in the community — throughout the year.
    • Connect with many alumni who are already pursuing professional theatre careers.
    • Learn from Professor Jerry Cohagan, an experienced theatre professional with a long performance career.
    • Audition for three main stage productions each year: fall play, winter musical, student-directed play each spring.
    • Be part of many other performance opportunities like Broadway Revue, Spoons for Forks improvisational group, 24-Hour Theatre and summer productions
    • Be eligible for scholarships awarded annually to two outstanding theatre students.
    • And so much more!

    Possible theatre careers include: actor, producer, director, costumer, set designer, stage manager, house manager, technical director, public relations,

    Theatre is part of the Department of Communication within the School of Professional Studies.

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  • At Olivet, you will have numerous opportunities to express yourself as part of a theatrical production.