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  • Available as major (B.A. and B.S. degrees)

    Are you fascinated by the behavior you observe in people? Do you have a strong desire to understand and improve the lives of others? Then a career in psychology is waiting for you.

  • As a psychology major, learn about:

    • human development
    • interpersonal relationships
    • abnormal behaviors
    • learning and behavior modification
    • cognitive processing
    • brain-behavior relationships
    • counseling processes and techniques
    • common research methods

    Prepare for graduate work or an entry-level position in a variety of human service careers. Help people deal with the problems of everyday living at home, work and in their community.

    At Olivet, you can: 

    • Study basic and advanced research and statistics, quantitative research, theories of personality, cognitive psychology.
    • Receive all classroom instruction and tutoring from your professors.
    • Assist one of your professors with his/her research project.
    • Design and conduct your own research project.
    • Prepare and present your work to your peers at the annual Student Scholarship Symposium sponsored by the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area (ACCA).
    • Serve as a teaching assistant, grading papers and monitoring exams.
    • And so much more!

    Our B.S. degree track prepares you for graduate school with advanced core courses to fit your particular area of interest. Choose courses that cover particular areas of applied psychology — social, educational, physiological, cognitive or abnormal psychology — as well as research.

    Putting knowledge to work

    Faculty members work with our students to place them in an area of personal interest. Complete practicums with social service agencies, such as:

    • Shapiro Development Center (providing inpatient care for the developmentally disabled and/or mentally ill)
    • Riverside Hospital’s inpatient, outpatient, and alcohol/drug rehabilitation units
    • Assisting local school counselors
    • Assisting in local programs designed to promote optimal development in young children at risk.

    Volunteer locally at a homeless shelter, jail, residential care facility or with a local church.

    Join the Psychology Club. This student group unites the study of psychology with social interaction, and brings enjoyment into the academic community through service and professionalism. Club members are currently partnering with Psi Chi, the international honor society in psychology, to provide services to residents of a local housing development. They have also partnered with the Diakonia, the social work club, for Trick or Treat for Necessities.

    Psi Chi, the national honor society, is dedicated to encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology.


    A psychology degree equips you to for a variety of careers with any age group. Consider:

    • Human resources – testing, screening, personnel selection and fitting people to job openings
    • Military — helping soldiers and veterans deal with war-related stress issues
    • Education – addressing variables that affect instruction and learning, developing standardized testing
    • Mental health —caring for individuals and groups in schools, hospitals or clinics; developing programs to improve mental health
    • Counseling — private practice, or working with an agency or health care facility
    • Research — studying human behavior using both people and animals

    This may be an ideal career for you if you are:

    • a good listener
    • curious
    • observant
    • patient
    • self-motivated
    • sensitive to others
    • a person with strong written and oral communication skills
    • at ease when working with others
    • strong in writing and presenting reports
    • good at science, math and critical reading
    • passionate about helping people

    More than half of the available jobs are in the counseling/clinical area. As a counselor, you will help normal people deal with abnormal situations. Many counselors are self-employed.

    You may decide to pursue an advanced degree in psychology and receive additional training in psychotherapy. As a clinical psychologist, you will work with people who have personality and behavioral disorders.

    Possible careers include: counselor, mental health technician, labor relations consultant, human resources specialist, ergonomics consultant, researcher, professor, school psychologist, pastor, career counselor, educational counselor, marriage and family counselor, substance abuse counselor, behavioral disorder counselor, market researcher, forensic psychologist, social psychologist, developmental psychologist, salesperson, business manager, customer service manager, chaplain

    Possible employers include: government agency, private industry, advertising/marketing agency, social service agency, university, public or private school, crisis counseling center, hospital, rehabilitation center, self-employed, legal and criminal justice system, mental health agency, vocational rehabilitation office, church, health care facility

    Psychology is part of the Department of Behavioral Sciences within the College of Arts and Sciences.

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  • A psychology degree sets you up for success in a number of different careers.

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