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Public Relations and Strategic Communication Major




       Available as a major

  • Learn the craft of modern-day PR by mastering the strategy of communications plans as well as the expertise to execute those plans for all audiences.

    Public Relations and Strategic Communication is a major within Communication Studies.

    At Olivet, you can:  

    ·       Understand public relations as a communication process that emphasizes how to reinforce relationships among organizations and their publics.

    ·       Learn to anticipate and interpret public opinion, attitudes and issues that could influence the operation and future of an organization.

    ·       Develop and conduct programs important to an organization's success in terms of public perception and engagement. Programs could include marketing; fundraising; and employee, community and government relations.


    A career in public relations might be right if you are:

    ·       a strong communicator and a good writer.

    ·       care about forging good relationships.

    ·       detail-oriented.

    ·       well-informed and always interested in learning more.

    ·       comfortable with public speaking.

    ·       patient, persistent and able to take rejection. 

    Career choices include:  public relations director, event coordinator, public relations specialist, alumni relations coordinator, communications consultant, development director, employee publications specialist, company or organization spokesperson, media liaison, volunteer coordinator, public information officer, patient advocate, promotional campaign developer, press secretary, intercultural communications specialist, communications specialist, communications director.

    Potential employers include:  public relations firms, corporations, private consulting firms, government agencies, military, utility companies, labor unions, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, hospitals and medical centers, foreign service organizations.

    Public Relations and Strategic Communication is part of the Department of Communication  within the College of Arts and Sciences.

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  • Start your exciting career in public relations by choosing this major at Olivet.

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