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Chemistry and Geosciences

  • Below the surface of what you see and touch is another world to discover and explore. Nurture your scientific mind. Improve life for the residents of planet Earth. Respect and care for God’s creation. Join us in the study of chemistry or the geosciences.

  • Your success in the field of chemistry and the geosciences is our priority. Enjoy learning in your area of interest from seasoned science professionals. Benefit from their experience, knowledge and firm Christian faith.

    Spend productive hours working side-by-side with your professors and other students in lab settings. The latest in research equipment permits your good work, provides you with valid research results and prepares you well for your future career.

    Your classroom, research, presentation and internship experiences at Olivet will also prepare you well for graduate school. The majority of our graduates who apply to master’s or doctoral programs in their fields are accepted. More than 90 percent of them receive full financial aid through fellowships, research assistantships or teaching assistantships.

    Olivet students benefit from:

    • Petrographic microscopes
    • GPS/GIS equipment
    • microscopic processing software
    • a rock processing lab
    • hydrologic equipment
    • significant collections of rocks, minerals, fossils and maps
    • spectrometers
    • digital fluorometer
    • electroanalytical analyzer
    • high pressure liquid chromatography system
    • calorimetry equipment
    • electrophoresis apparati 
    • and much more! 

    Putting knowledge to work

    Work together with faculty members to publish and present the results of your research. You may even have the opportunity to present at prestigious, professional meetings. Recently, our students have presented their work at the annual meeting of The Geological Society of America and the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Areas (ACCA) Student Symposium.

    Be part of field study trips to locations significant to your major area of study. 

    Our alumni will be some of your greatest supporters and encouragers in your education at Olivet. Many of them provide funds for faculty-student research projects and internships.

    As an Olivet student, build the foundation that will help you address ethical issues as you confront them in any workplace. Waste disposal, genetic engineering, environmental impact, pollutants, results of experimentation. In your future career, you may be called on to make decisions that will impact generations to come. Your Christian faith and focus will help in decisions about what to accept and what to reject. You will be prepared to stand up for what you know is honest and right.

    The potential for overseas mission work in developing countries is tremendous. Use your technical expertise to help improve living conditions.

    Graduate School and Careers

    Alumni careers include: Secondary education teacher, professor, attorney, medical technician, sales, pharmacist, owner of oil company, owner of environmental science company, hydrologist, geophysicist, chemical engineer

    Companies that have employed our graduates: U.S. Geological Survey, Illinois Geological Survey, NASA, Pfizer, Caterpillar, CSL Behring, Flavorchem Corporation, University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Research Center, Chrysler Corporation, Armour Pharmaceuticals, Shell, Union Carbide, Provena St. Mary’s Hospital, Valspar, U.S. Air Force, Chemical Abstracts, U.S. Army, Aventis, General Mills, State of Illinois, IBM, Commonwealth Edison, Abbott Laboratories, Proctor and Gamble, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, McIntyre Group, Bunge Edible Oils Co., Walgreen’s, AIT Laboratories

    Schools where our graduates have continued their studies: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Illinois, Purdue University, University of Akron, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Indiana University, Ohio State University, Washington University, University of Chicago, University of Virginia, University of Missouri, Marshall University, University of Nevada, Northwestern University, Southern Illinois University, Texas A & M, Duke University, Vanderbilt University, University of Nebraska, University of Notre Dame

    Alumni publication: “These Divine Animals”: Physicality of the Stars in Platonic and Aristotelian Thought by Stephen Case, a 2005 Olivet graduate and director of Strickler Planetarium; published in Mercury Magazine, Summer 2013

    Areas of study:  

    Chemistry, A.B. and B.S.
    Chemistry Teaching (minor)
    Earth and Space Science Teaching (minor)
    Environmental Science, B.S.
    Geography, B.A.
    Geological Sciences, B.S.
    Physical Sciences, B.S.
    Science Education (concentration in Earth and Space Science), B.S.

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  • Your classroom, research, presentation and internship experiences at Olivet will prepare you well for graduate school and beyond.

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