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  • “Caring for people is a gift God has given me. That gives me something extra and different that I can pass on to my patients, a human caring factor that comes with the spiritual part of me. People feel it and know it, even though I can’t always talk about it. I have Christ’s love in my heart, and I share that love through my work.” Carolyn Watts, nursing program graduate

  • Preparing you for a life of service to God and people – that’s the focus of Olivet’s nursing program.

    Your course work covers each essential of learning, as defined by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). Our faculty introduces, develops and measures each concept that AACN requires. We teach it, and we test it. If you need additional work to get it, we are there to help. Validating your learning and giving you confidence is our primary goal.

    Become check-off ready on skills in our nursing simulation lab. Learn from one another’s best. Wireless “smart” mannequins make simulations even more real. Be involved in and observe classic patient care scenarios.

     Learn how to:

    • care for patients and their family members
    • manage medical needs
    • apply specific details of care
    • use what you learn in the classroom in the clinical setting

    You will have many exciting — and challenging — opportunities to learn outside the classroom, including:

    • Partner with engineering students to change lives on a mission trip to Argentina.
    • Work alongside full-time nurses to learn best practices, patient care skills, assessment techniques that they use every day.
    • Volunteer in community health care facilities and programs.

    In nursing, you will use everything you learn in the program as you continue your learning on the job.

    Imagine what Christ can do in and through you as you become the person you were made to be. We are here to help you succeed!

    Alumni careers include: Nurse on the mission field, chief nurse executive, nursing professor, nurse practitioner, health care educator, surgical nurse, hospital staff nurse, hospice nurse, charge nurse at senior rehabilitation facility


    • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
    • Illinois Department of Professional Regulation

    School mission 

    The mission of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences is to provide Christian nursing education designed to prepare each graduate for a life of service to God and humanity. In this endeavor, students integrate faith and learning as they investigate concepts inherent in personal, professional, and spiritual growth through life-long learning and leadership.

    Program goals 

    Graduates are prepared to enter the profession of nursing as contributing members of the discipline, to promote, maintain, and restore the health of clients in a variety of settings.

    The goals of the traditional nursing major are to prepare graduates to:

    1. serve God and humanity in diverse roles and settings.
    2. integrate faith and life-long learning as they investigate concepts inherent in personal, professional, and spiritual growth, within the setting of a Christian liberal arts university.
    3. demonstrate the development of leadership skills and an understanding of the dynamic health care environment to stimulate constructive change.
    4. apply ethical, moral, spiritual, and professional concepts into their nursing practice.

    Expected outcomes of the graduate:

    • an ethical, moral, and spiritual professional.
    • a life-long learner committed to personal, professional, and spiritual
    • growth.
    • an individual capable of providing leadership through service to God and humanity in diverse roles and settings.
    • a leader and change agent.

    Areas of study 

    Traditional Undergraduate
    Nursing Major, B.S.N. 

    School of Graduate and Continuing Studies
    Nursing Major, R.N., B.S.N.
    Nursing Major, M.S.N. degree 
    Nursing Major, MSN.F
    Nursing Major, FNP.C 
    Nursing Major, Accelerated B.S.N.