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Mechanical Concentration

  • Available as an accredited bachelor of science in engineering (B.S.E) degree with a concentration in mechanical engineering

    Your fascination with mechanical engineering most likely surfaced in childhood. While your peers were playing with toys, you were more likely to pull gadgets apart to see how they worked. Transform your curiosity into a successful career with the knowledge and training you’ll gain from Olivet’s Department of Engineering.

  • Mechanical engineers are fascinated by machines, structures, and kinematic motion.

    With an engineering degree with a mechanical engineering concentration from Olivet, you will be entering a thriving degree field with applied knowledge related to the design of machines, advanced materials, thermal fluid systems, dynamic systems, vibrations and control systems.

    Learn how to design and fabricate the next generation of machines and innovations that drive products we use every day — cars, airplanes, factory equipment, medical devices, power generation systems and much more.

    Our faculty provides close support — not available at larger institutions — that helps you identify any personal weaknesses, encourages you to strive for excellence, maps out your major program sequence and ensures that you have every chance to succeed.

    As an engineer who works with a focus on mechanical, you will select the appropriate materials for products you design — everything from vacuum cleaners to space shuttles. You will work to ensure their structural integrity and operational stability. You will model and analyze dynamic systems and gain a keen understanding of machine synthesis and kinetics.

    Consider a career as a mechanical engineer if you:

    • enjoy complex problem solving related to mechanical systems and machines
    • are creative and an innovator at heart
    • thrive as a team member
    • have excellent oral and written communication skills
    • are curious about how things work and want to make them work more efficiently
    • want to improve the world around you
    • are good at math and science

    Careers/career fields: Aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, heating and air conditioning, materials research, sound and vibration, thermal systems, power plants, robotics, automation, consumer product design.