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  • Available as major (B.S. degree) and minor, with concentrations available in commercial graphics, international marketing, marketing management and public relations
    Every company or business needs a marketing strategy. Become the expert who unlocks success and profitability for industry leaders.

  • Do you find it easy to discover what people want and how to convince them you have it? Then a career in marketing may be for you.

    Marketing is a diverse, fast-paced world in which professionals work to build loyal groups of customers or clients. As a marketing professional, you have the opportunity to maximize profits and market share while monitoring and responding to industry trends.

    In this highly competitive field, you will find opportunities to use your skills and education in almost every industry.

    Choose an area or areas of concentration to focus your education even more:

    Commercial Graphics — Pursue your love for and talents in art and design by studying graphics advertising, package designing and so much more. Combine that learning with your business courses.

    International Marketing — Participate in the International Business Institute (IBI), a 10-week summer cooperative overseas program in international economics and business management. IBI is designed to give you a distinctive opportunity for a term of study that incorporates the international dimension of your field of interest in an experiential context overseas. Benefit from periods of significant residence in key locations, as well as coordinated visits and presentations, in the major political and economic centers of India, China, Russia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the United Kingdom. Your academic work is conducted in a variety of settings from the usual classroom to corporate headquarters, manufacturing plants, and the offices of governmental or international agencies.

    Marketing Management — Study managerial accounting, retail merchandising, small business management and so much more.

    Public Relations — Study online, print and broadcast journalism, persuasion and media influence, and so much more.

    Learn about the processes companies use to develop and deliver their goods and services successfully. Cover key areas such as consumer analysis, market evaluation and segmentation and marketing decision making.

    At Olivet, you can:

    • Study Christian formation and faith, marketing management, advertising and promotions, small business management, graphics advertising.
    • Build your portfolio of projects and experiences.
    • Consult and assist area businesses in developing and rescuing their marketing strategies.
    • Learn to decide if a product will sell well.
    • Understand product pricing.
    • Study ad campaigns to see why they succeeded or failed.
    • Determine why consumers buy the things they do
    • Develop strategies for researching competitors.
    • Discover ethical and effective ways to make decisions in complex business environments.
    • And so much more!

    Putting knowledge to work

    Enactus (formerly known as SIFE) — Teach the business skills you learn in the classroom to those in the communities around you. Take the lead in developing and implementing projects focusing on market economics, financial literacy, success skills, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability and ethics.

    Internships – Build your résumé, make connections and network with professionals while you learn skills that help you survive and thrive on the job.


    A person drawn to marketing as a career has: 

    • creative ability
    • analytical skills
    • desire and dedication to be a leader and a team player
    • strong writing and speaking skills
    • skills in the current computer and Internet technology
    • high motivation
    • flexibility
    • decisiveness
    • resistance to stress
    • ability to communicate persuasively
    • strengths in developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships

    If this is you, then you want to pursue marketing as a career.

    Possible careers include: market research manager, product development manager, public relations manager, account executive, advertising manager, media director, creative director, marketing manager, promotions manager, sales manager, public relations specialist

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  • Learn from professors who are just as interested in your personal development as they are your academic and professional success.

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