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  • Available as major (B.A. degree) and minor
    Understand the world so you can better serve the world. Look at the why and the process against the backdrop of human experiences. Gain insight into trends, fads and cultural issues. Learn to think broadly and defuse prejudice.  

  • Studying history teaches you valuable skills in how to find, evaluate, organize and report information. These skills will serve you well in any career.

    As a history major, learn to research, analyze, and interpret the past from a biblical perspective. Access the vast information contained in government records, newspapers, magazines, professional journals, photographs, interviews, films, personal diaries and letters. Discuss your impressions, thoughts and opinions about the past with others. Sharpen your writing skills as you prepare papers and projects.

    At Olivet, you can:

    • Study the developing world, history of Russia, history of political philosophy, world regional geography.
    • Do in-depth study on an area of the world, events or issues that you find most interesting.
    • Take an educational trip to Washington, D.C., and meet alumni who are working for government and nonprofit organizations.
    • Intern at a local museum and discover how the past is preserved and presented for the modern world
    • Participate in regional student history conferences, learning from and sharing with your peers from public and private colleges.
    • And so much more!
    Putting knowledge to work

    Two educational trips to Washington, D.C., are offered each year:

    Federal Seminar program (study trip): For nearly 50 years, our students have spent a week in our nation’s capital each January. This trip is sponsored by the National Association of Evangelicals. Attend seminars by congressmen, senators, Supreme Court justices, ambassadors and the public liaison from the President’s office. Listen, learn, ask questions and hear the experts’ answers.

    Capitol Hill Gang trip (working trip): Get engaged in the activities of government. Interview congressmen and senators. Spend an afternoon as an intern in the office of a nonprofit or policy-making organization. Work for an evening in a community development program for a low-income neighborhood.

    Additional Opportunities

    American Studies Program (ASP) semester in Washington, D.C., helps you connect biblical faith with public life and vocation. Many internship opportunities are available with government departments and leaders, nonprofit organizations. Focus on domestic or foreign policy.

    Study abroad. Gain that understanding that only comes when you plant your feet in someone else’s backyard. Find a different perspective. See the world through someone else’s eyes. Gain a new understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Western civilizations. Immerse yourself in life at a different level of economic activity. Become a different kind of Christian leader because of your experiences.


    Tailor your course of study to address your particular career goals. We help you prepare to pursue a career in the humanities, social sciences, law, politics, business, Christian ministry, education or other fields.

    If you:
    • have been drawn to history since you were a child
    • enjoy vacations to historical areas
    • find yourself asking why things are the way they are
    • make reading a top priority in your life
    • find it easy to write about your thoughts and ideas 
    then majoring in history will prepare you well for your chosen career.

    Possible careers include: archivist, professor, researcher, information manager, museum educator, historic site educator, documentary editor, multimedia materials producer, records manager, foundation staff member, corporate historian, nonprofit association historian, contract historian, historian, public historian, high school history teacher, attorney

    History is part of the Department of History and Political Science within the College of Arts and Sciences. 

  • History
  • Study of the past is a door to understanding the present and a guide to responsibility for the future.