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Engineering Program: Geological Engineering Concentration

  • Available as accredited Bachelors of Science in engineering major (B.S.E degree) with geological engineering concentration

    Are you a person who doesn’t shy away from addressing issues that directly impact our stewardship of God’s creation? Are you more aware than ever that our Earth’s natural resources are scarce? God may be preparing you for a career in geological engineering.

  • At Olivet, become a professional who helps plan and develop new infrastructure for transportation and power in the United States and many parts of the world. Learn how to lead others in finding ways to improve our environment. Focus on helping people become better stewards of the world God has given them to live in and care for.

    Olivet’s program in geological engineering covers:

    • advanced training in mathematics concepts
    • comprehensive science training, including chemistry and physics
    • broad training in basic and applied geological science and applied engineering sciences
    • comprehensive training in field methods and experiences

    At Olivet, you can:

    • Focus your study to include courses in the disciplines of mathematics, chemistry, physics, geology and engineering.
    • Develop your skills in laboratory analysis.
    • Use computers and industry-accepted software applications to conduct research and analysis.
    • Sharpen your problem-solving skills in applied research projects.
    • Learn how to evaluate a site on which a tunnel, dam or road might be built.
    • Become familiar with geologic hazards, such as earthquakes and volcanoes, and how best to protect people from them.
    • Examine ways to search for and harvest energy resources.
    • Discover ways to protect the earth by implementing and maintaining careful industrial practices.
    • And so much more!

    As a geological engineer, apply geological principals to engineering problems. Merge your fundamental training in the physical aspects of engineering with your study of natural materials and earth processes.

    Be the expert who uses your knowledge of the Earth to solve engineering problems. Use geology and math to solve construction challenges. Be the professional who locates natural resources or decides if a plot of land is suitable for construction. Determine what effects geological forces and hazards, such as earthquakes, landslides or volcanoes, will have on buildings.

    Plan, design, develop and supervise the gathering of crucial data. Analyze your findings, prepare reports and give your professional recommendations for further action.


    If you:

    • enjoy the outdoors and travel
    • are a hands-on person
    • thrive when you have a complex problem to solve
    • adapt easily to new situations
    • are good at gathering and analyzing data
    • want to know the details in any situation
    • are fascinated by the relationship between the Earth and the people who live on the planet
    • study how things work in relation to the world around them
    • have a strong interest in the composition of the Earth
    • take pride in your quantitative skills

    then consider a career in geological engineering!

    A rewarding and exciting career, geological engineering is very field-oriented and requires hands-on research.

    Possible career fields include: mining engineer, reservoir engineer, operations engineer, professor, geological advisor, field engineer, geotechnical engineer, geophysical engineer, hydrogeological engineer

    Possible career tracks include: natural resource production (oil, gas, ores), environmental assessment and remediation, civil engineering (foundations, tunnels, road/transportation construction)

    Possible employers include: engineering firms, environmental firms, government agencies, water resource developers, mining companies, consulting firms, state or local environmental groups, electrical utilities, petroleum companies 

    Engineering (Geological Engineering concentration) is part of the Department of Engineering within the School of Professional Studies.

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  • Gain the skills and the training you will need to build a successful career.

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