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Environmental Science

  • Available as a major (B.S. degree)
    Dedicate your career to solving some of the most serious problems our world faces. Lead the way in providing products, services and best practices to protect and improve our air, water and soil. Become an environmental scientist.

  • Stewardship of our planet is a priority set by God. We prepare you to understand why this is important develop the skills to create meaningful change.

    With this degree, you can be ready to: 

    • advise others on how to clean the environment
    • help make laws about protecting the environment
    • help companies comply with environmental laws
    • write concise and persuasive reports
    • help find funding for environmental projects
    • protect natural resources
    • preserve water
    • give advice on land-use and building projects
    • study and design sites for waste disposal
    • control pollution
    • repair damaged natural areas

    As population increases, our world will be working harder to keep our environment clean. More people will notice more of our environmental problems and want to remedy them.

    Businesses and governments will face stricter environmental laws, and those supporting wind and solar technology, control of carbon and CO2 emissions, conservation, alternative fuels, geothermal power and hydropower, energy efficiency and organic farming will only grow stronger.

    You can be the expert to help them accomplish this.

    At Olivet, you can:

    • Study ecology, environmental geochemistry, GIS and GPS, as well as specialized courses in biology, geology, engineering and chemistry.
    • Experience the tropical rainforest by working and researching at a field station in Costa Rica for a semester. 
    • Learn from a biology professor whose friendship with a Costa Rican farmer helped stop farming and forest clearing and establish a research center devoted to saving the country's cloud forest. 
    • Study arctic biology for two weeks in Alaska. Visit diverse biomes, Denali, southern forest, glaciers, tundra. Learn more about native plants and animals.
    • Learn about and use the latest tools and technology for studying the Earth.
    • Integrate various science disciplines and see how they relate to solving environmental problems.
    • Do environmental research projects that can be presented at professional meetings.
    • And so much more!

    Putting knowledge to work

    You will complete a research project or internship for this degree program. Our students have done projects at Midewin Natural Tall Grass Prairie, Chicago Botanic Garden and several other locations.

    Going Green —Members of this environmental science club encourage awareness on campus. Conduct environmental audits, sell environmentally friendly products, help clean up the local environment.


    If you:

    • recycle every day
    • want more simplicity and efficiency in your life
    • are more conscious about the environment than most people you know
    • work easily and productively with others
    • are a good speaker and writer
    • are comfortable with computers
    • enjoy being outdoors
    • are happy when you’re collecting, studying and reporting data
    • love the beauty of nature
    • are a problem solver who easily combines information to come up with original solutions

    then consider a career as an environmental scientist.

    Possible careers include: environmental protection specialist, naturalist, environmental scientist, habitat coordinator, project consultant, director of environmental organization, field environmental specialist, conservation planning specialist, environmental consultant, environmental technician, environmental educator, environmental data analyst, outdoor education naturalist, outdoor/environmental instructor, green entrepreneur, professor, air quality planner, stewardship coordinator, superintendent of natural resource operations, environmental engineer, environmental compliance information specialist, environmental planner, land preservation specialist, grants specialist, environmental project coordinator, environmental specialist, attorney

    Possible employers include: engineering firms, environmental organizations, environmental restoration organizations, government agencies, land trusts, green businesses, conservation organizations, forest preserve districts, air pollution control districts, oil and gas companies, science companies

  • Environmental Science RI
  • Gain the experience and the knowledge you'll need to create meaningful change for our global ecosystem.