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Software Concentration

  • Available as an accredited bachelor of science in engineering (B.S.E) degree with a concentration in software engineering

    Nearly every system in modern society is driven by software. Demand is high for the engineers who create it.

  • Software engineers make the digital landscape we live in possible by imagining and creating the software and systems we rely on. Their designs range from high profile application software that provides functionality on computers to the less visible, but more specialized, embedded software that controls machines and other devices.

    For software engineers, the end-user experience is a primary concern. These innovators apply the principles and techniques of computer science, engineering and mathematical analysis to optimize efficiency and ease of use in their designs. They also maintain and evaluate the designs they develop.    

    At Olivet, your course work, projects and professional development opportunities are geared toward the embedded systems side of software engineering, a field that is growing rapidly.

    Visit the Olivet campus to hear and see how an Olivet engineering degree will shape your future.

    Consider a career as a software engineer if you:

    • are a logical and systems thinker
    • have an appetite to learn and create
    • would describe yourself as "techy"
    • are always in-the-know about the latest technology
    • readily understand abstract concepts
    • adapt quickly to changes and value flexibility
    • have experience programming or developing code

    Careers/career fields: aeronautics, applications software engineer, communications, computer software developer, consumer electronics, embedded systems software developer, industrial and military control systems, mobile app developer, robotics, systems software engineer, web developer, video game designer