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Senior Projects

  • As a senior, you will choose from a wide range of Capstone Projects to set you up for success in your future career.
  • Seniors within Olivet’s engineering program have reached a major milestone in their academic careers. In this final phase of your Olivet education, you will participate in a Senior Engineering Capstone Project. Not only is this a key requirement at part of an ABET accredited program, but also it is a critical experience designed to help your future professional success.

    The Engineering Department works hard each year to select a diverse set of opportunities. As part of the assignment process, we present the Capstone Project options within the Senior Design Project I class in the fall and ask for each student to identify their top interest areas.

    2015-2016 Senior Projects

    His Wheels International   His Wheels International
    Work with past His Wheels trike designs to include different types of crank arm length, drive ratio, and chain features not previously utilized on the trikes.


    ONU(1)   Geophysical Instrument Suite
    Improve on the design of an inexpensive geophysical instrument suite to support shallow water well siting in developing nations.


    ONU(1)   Sae Baja
    Drive Train Upgrade: Work with last year's car to design an optimized setup where its CVT system, engine, and transmission are all mounted in one unit and can be removed and easily accessed within one hour.


     Enegrid Energid
    Robotics Modeling: Help develop a library of off-the-shelf robot models to support reachability and performance studies. Create robotics models using SolidWorks and Actin.


     Peddinghaus Peddinghaus
    Drive roller analysis: Perform a quantitative comparison of several drive roller designs, perform physical testing on the rollers to confirm the quantitative analysis, and design an improved drive roller.


     CAE CAE Services
    Moldvac Upgrade: Take the existing system and improve functionality and controls of the unit. Pneumatic systems, electrical system and automation will be required to successfully complete the project.


     Gray Farms Gray Farms
    Ergonomix Solar-Powered Cart: Work with Gray Farms to design and build a powered weeding cart made for ergonomic transplanting and weeding of small crops.


     2014-2015 Senior Capstone Projects

     Institute for Affordable Transportation(3) Institute for Affordable Transportation

    BUV two-row planter: Develop a prototype and working model of a two-row planter that can be built in Africa and plant various types of seeds. Concentration: Mechanical 

     Institute for Affordable Transportation(3) Institute for Affordable Transportation

    BUV compost applicator: Design and fabricate a prototype compost applicator to be primarily used with a Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) and provide drawings and documentation to fully reproduce the design overseas. Concentration: Mechanical

     His Wheels International   His Wheels International

    Trike cargo accessories: Design, fabricate and test cargo accessory opportunities for existing hand pedal-operated trike designs. Concentration: Mechanical

    International Technical Electric & Construction International Technical Electric & Construction    

    Portable media unit: Retrofit and redesign a mobile security unit to become a mobile media unit. This basic outdoor theater will be used in the mission field to share the gospel to those without electricity. Concentrations: Mechanical and Electrical 

    International Technical Electric & Construction(1) International Technical Electric & Construction     

    Power converter: Design a cheap, reliable power source converter that can switch both the voltages and frequencies to usable levels for donated American medical equipment to be used overseas in rural locations at mission hospitals. Concentration: Electrical 

     ONU(1) Olivet Nazarene University

    Myo armband: Develop a software interface between the Myo armband and a robotic platform to allow for real-time, gesture-controlled movement. Concentrations: Electrical and Computer