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Graduate Degree Pursuit

  • With a Bachelor’s of Science in engineering from Olivet, you will be fully equipped to pursue an advanced degree from any number of prestigious colleges and universities.

  • The advantages of adding a master’s degree or PhD. to your training is that it will allow you to further specialize in your primary area of engineering. Often, our graduates will even modify their undergraduate concentration area to a different field of graduate study, such as geological to civil, electrical to automotive, mechanical to Nano science, or computer to aerospace, etc.

    Additionally, an advanced degree provides expanded opportunity to pursue research experience, which is in growing demand within the United States as our economy continues to shift to highly skilled engineering innovators.

    Olivet boasts a strong history of advanced engineering degree holders. In most cases, students were able to receive significant or full funding for their advanced degree from their employer as part of a recruitment program or research grant.

    Consistent feedback from our alumni who have pursued advanced degrees is that the ready access to Olivet’s faculty, combined with smaller class sizes and hands-on experience provided a clear advantage versus large-school undergraduate programs where faculty access is limited and smaller class sizes are limited to their graduate students.

    Institutions where ONU engineering alumni have gone on to receive advanced degrees 


     AU   Purdue   KU 
     Michigan   University of Idaho   UW 
     W   Loughborough   Michigan State 
     Illinois   University of Memphis   

    Possible advanced degree areas  


    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Geological
    • Computer
    • Aerospace
    • Naval
    • Civil
    • Nano science
    • Materials
    • IOE
    • Manufacturing
    • Atmospheric
    • Oceanic
    • Biomedical
    • Chemical
    • Nuclear