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Chemical Concentration

  • Available as an accredited bachelor of science in engineering (B.S.E) degree with a concentration in chemical engineering

    Chemical engineers solve problems big and small  from the challenges of improving foods and fertilizers to the complexities of developing pharmaceuticals that help battle life-threatening diseases.

  • As a chemical engineer, you can find a niche in many areas of science or engineering because chemical engineers are in high demand, especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and process/manufacturing industries. These engineers devise ways to make products from raw materials and to convert materials into other useful forms. Chemical engineers make processes more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly or efficient.

    Chemical engineers tend to interpret and understand the world through hands-on study, so Olivet provides every opportunity to foster that approach. Through the School of Engineering and in collaboration with the Olivet chemistry department, your courses, projects and professional development opportunities prepare you to make important contributions as a chemical engineer.

    Visit the Olivet campus to hear and see how an Olivet engineering degree will shape your future.

    Consider a career as a chemical engineer if you:

    • excel in chemistry and math
    • are persistent and curious
    • have a problem-solving mentality
    • enjoy experimentation and lab work
    • are concerned about the environment
    • are a big-picture thinker
    • appreciate teamwork

     Careers/career fields: Alternative energy, applications engineer, chemical engineer, environmental or patent law, manufacturing engineer, materials engineer, medicine, mining engineer, petroleum industry, pharmaceutical industry, plant manager, product/process development scientist, quality manager, research and development, research engineer.